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For us, quality is a competitive strategy in its own right and a part of our mission statement.
It is both the starting point and the result of an integrated management approach in which the staff, the planning, the documentation of the activities and an aspiration to constant improvement have become the hinges of our management model. In confirmation of all this, we choose only the world's best suppliers and we control upon reception that each product meets all the binding standards.

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We have been holders of the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 1996 and of the ISO 14001 environmental certificate since 1998. Our modern warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems for the storage of by-products of the oil industry which include retaining tanks for internal as well as external oil leaks. Moreover, in compliance with the recent European REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction for the use of Chemicals), our experts have embarked, in collaboration with our customers and suppliers, on the useful task of updating all modern procedures. Such a daunting challenge can only be overcome by finding the right balance between governance, technology, investments in innovation, and partnership.


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