Environmental Consciousness

Every action by NILS is characterized by a strong commitment to sustainable development and people's well-being and by full respect for the environment.
For instance, we have concentrated our efforts on the organization of a dynamic Analysis and filtration service: we are convinced that a lubricant which is still in a good condition after having reached the end of its theoretical life cycle need not necessarily be replaced, but should rather be filtered and re-used whenever possible.

Not only for security reasons, but also in order to minimize our environmental impact, we use our vehicles for 4 years at the most and then replace them by new ones.

Nils | Ambiente
Nils | Ambiente

Furthermore, a substantial investment has been required for the construction of our new plant at Burgstall/Postal (South Tyrol) which meets the criteria for a “CasaClima B” (ClimaHouse B) and makes use of geothermal heating technology. 200 m² of rooftop photovoltaic modules guarantee a yearly output of approximately 30,000 kWh, which results not only in a saving of 12,000 litres of heating oil, but also in a 30-ton reduction in harmful gas emissions.